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<h2 class=”pageSubtitle”>What is 360 Advertising?</h2>
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The affordable way of reaching millions of potential customers every day 365 days per year for less than One Dollar per day! That is the 360 Concept!<p></p>
<h2 class=”pageSubtitle”>What you get for $360.00 Dollars per year?</h2>
<li>A total web, broadcast and viewing presence of 7,000,000+</li>
<li>National Marketing</li>
<li>Web Presence of more than 250,000 hits per day</li>
<li>Radio Commercial broadcast reaching more than 7,000,000+</li>
<li>Mobile Advertising</li>
<li>Free Radio commercial design and support</li>
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<h2 class=”pageSubtitle”>National Exposure For Less Than a Dollar a Day</h2>
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